Criminal Investigations Unit

     The Criminal Investigations Unit is charged with investigation those major crimes that are time sensitive; require a specific specialty; or would take too much time for a member of the Patrol Division to devote.  They are typically felony investigations; however, those misdemeanor investigations which are time consuming may also be assigned.  The Sheriff and/or Chief Deputy may also assign a specific investigation to the Unit.  Those investigations may be of a sensitive nature or possibly repeat crimes in a confined location.  The section also handles inner departmental personnel investigations, such as back ground investigations of prospective employees and internal investigations.

     The unit is staffed by a team of Deputies all of whom have demonstrated the aptitude for detailed investigative work.  Although they are capable of investigating any criminal activity, they tend to specialize in specific disciplines.  As an example, the Unit Supervisor is a Nationally Certified Polygraph Examiner and the Senior Detective instructs Crisis Management and Negotiations for the U.S. Army.  Other areas of expertise are Advanced Crime Scene Investigations, Undercover and Narcotics Operations, Computer Forensics, Sexual Predator Specialist, and Evidence Management.

     The Unit is also charged with developing and maintaining contacts and relationships with various other city, county, state and federal agencies.  Those agencies include, but are not limited to, the United States Attorney’s Office in St Louis, Task Force 33 of the Drug Enforcement Administration, the South Central Drug Task Force, the Highway Patrol Division of Drug and Crime Control, the Rolla City and Neighboring Counties Investigative Units.


Detective Sergeant Andy Davis