Special Operations

     The Criminal Interdiction Unit is charged with identifying and stopping those criminals who are involved in inner-county and inner-state criminal activity.  This is typically done on Interstate 44; however, the Interdiction Officer is not limited to a specific highway or location.

     The Interdiction Officer is specially training to identify inconsistencies in details surrounding motor vehicle travel and locating hidden compartments in all types of motor vehicles.  Although the majority of interdictions involve illegal narcotics and proceeds from drug trafficking, this Deputy has also stopped illegal aliens, arrested individuals involved in Credit Card Fraud, Weapons Smugglers, and a myriad of other major criminal activity.

     This Deputy works closely with Task Force 33 of the Drug Enforcement Administration and has been nationally recognized by the organization and other for his efforts.  He also provides individual agency training for other counties and municipalities who have, or are developing, interdiction programs.